Is there a curfew in harris county at age 17? (cypress tx, 77429)

Not Legal Advice: None, in all areas located in unincorporated Harris County, juveniles under the age of 17 are the ones subject to Juvenile Curfew order.

The Juvenile Curfew is enforced seven days a week. The hour of enforcement is from 12 midnight to 6 a.m. in the morning.

The exceptions to the curfew are:

• Accompanied by parent, guardian or custodian

• Engaged in lawful employment or traveling to or from employment

• Participating or traveling to or from school-sponsored or church-affiliated activities, recreational activities supervised by adults and sponsored by a government entity, civic, non-profit organization or similar entity that takes responsibility for the juveniles.

• On sidewalk of Juvenile’s residence or sidewalk of next door neighbor, if neighbor does not complain

• Involved in an emergency

• In vehicle or aircraft involved in interstate travel with the consent of a parent, guardian, or custodian

• Married or previously married; or had disabilities of minority removed by a court of competent jurisdiction

Law enforcement officers will carefully evaluate each situation regarding a possible infraction of the juvenile curfew. If the juvenile is taken into custody, the juvenile may be transported to a processing center.

While at the processing center, the juvenile’s parent, guardian or custodian will be contacted and asked to pick up the juvenile.

The juvenile can receive a citation, which is a Class C Misdemeanor up to $500.00. In addition, the parent, guardian or custodian may also be issued a citation if they knowingly allow juvenile to violate curfew.

Struggling over curfew is one of the biggest conflicts that parents and teens often encounter with each other. Here are a few things that parents can do to make the process easier for teens to understand and respect shared by

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