What psychological disorder did Deadpool have?

A recurring theme in the Deadpool comics is a lingering presence of mental illness, such as schizophrenia, depression and personality disorder.

Deadpool (real name Wade Winston Wilson) has struggled with schizotypical thinking, audio and visual hallucinations, memory problems, major depressive episodes, and a pervasive, mildly depressed mood underlying his comedic facade.

Notably, these issues do not appear to be solely due to the artificially enhanced neurocellular regeneration — some were present during his youth, as well as when he briefly loses his regeneration abilities.

In other words, Wade has struggled to understand and regulate his thoughts and emotions his entire life. For some, the grief that accompanies this instability and sense of abnormality can become absolutely debilitating.

Furthermore, because of his rapid neurocellular regen, he is unaffected by substances (e.g., alcohol, ketamine), including psychotherapeutic drugs. Therefore, medicinal treatment is a hopeless endeavor. - Shrinktank.com.

Like many victims of Weapon X, the life of Wade Wilson has been largely obscured. But unlike the other victims, the legacy of Wade Wilson is even more convoluted due to his unstable and at times erratic persona.

His mental instability makes it difficult to discern any significant details from his life. He admits whole-heartedly that he’s "crazy" and at times even flaunts it. Despite his restricted mental health, his life can be traced back to a point where he was of reasonably good mental health.

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