Whats the definition of italicized in the poem The last Night that She lived by emily di(kenson

Anecdotal sources suggests, italicized in Emily Dĩckinson’s The Last Night That She Lived" means being distinguished, different, and unique; the "great light upon our minds" from death's occurrence proved distinguished from any other experience of life.

The last Night that She lived (1100), perhaps Emily Dĩckinson's most powerful death scene. The poem is written in second-person plural to emphasize the physical presence and the shared emotions of the witnesses at a death-bed. The past tense shows that the experience has been completed and its details have been intensely remembered.

That the night of death is common indicates both that the world goes on despite death and that this persisting commonness in the face of death is offensive to the observers. Nature looks different to the witnesses because they have to face nature's destructiveness and indifference. They see everything with increased sharpness because death makes the world mysterious and precious.

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Thursday, August 24 2017
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