What is 20,000 francs in 1870 amount to today taking into account inflation?

Here's the most current comparison we could find:

20000 French Franc in year 1870 could buy 5833.562550966125 gram gold. The price of 5833.562550966125 gram gold in year 2015 was 217573.18695875636 US Dollar.

20000 French Franc in year 1870 could buy 90828.56891854235 gram silver. The price of 90828.56891854235 gram silver in year 2015 was 45788.834791702124 US Dollar.

At current exchange rates, 1 French Franc is equivalent to 0.168026 US Dollar. Hence, 20,000 FRF is equals to 3,360.14 USD.

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