How much money is a pound of magnetite worth?

According to, magnetite costs $2.50 per pound.

These natural magnetite specimens contain at least 85% massive magnetite with minor accessory minerals. Each of these natural iron ore mineral specimens has such a high concentration of magnetite that a magnet will actually stick to its surface! We have these natural magnetite specimens available in bulk in sizes weighing from 2 pounds up to 20 pounds each, with a minimum order of 40 pounds.

These natural magnetite pieces are ideal for metaphysical uses. They also are great as iron ore mineral specimens and as natural magnetite specimens. They can be broken up into smaller sizes for very inexpensive classroom study samples and scientific use.

Magnetite is best known for its property of being strongly attracted to magnets. Some forms of Magnetite from specific localities are in fact themselves magnets. Commonly known as Lodestone, this magnetic form of Magnetite is the only mineral that is a natural magnet.

Due to the magnetism of Lodestone, small iron particles are often found clinging to its surfaces. (Some dealers may even intentionally place metallic filings on a Lodestone to demonstrate its magnetism.) Get detailed description, properties, and locality information guide about the magnetic mineral magnetite at

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Wednesday, March 01 2017