What does a dream about a headless snake mean? -Green

According to Dreaming-Interpretation.com if you dream about a headless snake or without eyes, the interpretation is that you refuse to see danger in a situation.

Alternatively, the interpretation might be that you are blind. If you dream that a snake is beheaded, then the interpretation is that there is a problem you are not dealing with. You refuse to confront your fears.

Dreams about snakes can mean many different things to different people, depending on the type, location, what it is doing and your association with snakes in waking life.

Sigmund Freud saw a snake as a phallic symbol and so it may represent a male figure that you find sexually attractive or threatening, depending upon how you feel in the dream.

Carl Jung considered it to be a sign of transformation because it sheds its skin.

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Thursday, August 31 2017
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