I dreamed my shoes were stolen,what does this mean?

To see that shoes are stolen or lost in your dream symbolizes nice conversations that you will have with your family elders and notions that you will hear from these people.

Here are more dream interpretations for shoes (courtesy of DreamInterpretation.co):

  • 1- To see that you put on shoes in your dream signifies that there are people within your family whom you will help because of necessity or you will have a journey with these people.
  • 2- To see new and comfortable shoes in your dream indicates that you will have a travelling with the purpose of vacation and during this travelling you will hear good news that make you happy.
  • 3- Old and torn shoes refers to a journey that you will have because of business and tiring intensive times.
  • 4- To see of buying shoes in your dream symbolizes money that you will use for a good person or place.
  • 5- To see of selling shoes in your dream indicates that you will overcome your troubles thanks to a conversation with your friend in time when you feel bad yourself.
  • 6- Leather shoes implies that your will have a short trip because of a good event. If you put on leather shoes in your dream, it means that the problems within your family will finish and your marriage will be all right.
  • 7- To put on wrong shoes in your dream refers to money and thanks to this money, you will overcome your troubles.
  • 8- To dream that shoes don’t fit implies that people will mention about your job and relationship during an organization.
  • 9- To dream that you wash your shoes refers to nice times that you will have with your partner. If you see a person washing shoes in your dream, it means that your relationship with your family members will be stronger and your communication will be very healthy.
  • 10- To dream that you tie shoelace indicates that you will show an increse in your job and your financial condition will be better thanks to this success.

The question of why we dream remains unanswered. Some researchers think dreaming might have evolved for physiological reasons. There is a great deal of neuronal activity occurring while we sleep, especially in REM, and it has been suggested that dreams may just be a meaningless by-product of this biological function.

Another theory of dreaming is put forth by Rosalind Cartwright, PhD, Professor and Chairman, Department of Psychology at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago. Dr. Cartwright believes that dreams are the mechanism for regulating negative emotions.

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