Is there an opposite of a dream catcher !? Like a dream catcher what is it called ?

Dreamcatchers hold two widely known opposite functions:

Trap the bad thoughts and allow good dreams to pass through (Ojibwe Legend)

Trap good dreams and let the dark ones slip away (Lakota Legend)

Some dreamcatcher beliefs are opposite in nature and how they're created would also vary, but still, these objects made in the form of a circle with a net or spider-web design inside are just simply known as dreamcatchers (catching either good or bad dreams).

Everyone dreams—every single night—and yet we tend to know so little about our dreams. Where do they come from? What do they mean? Can we control them and should we try to interpret them?

WebMD spoke to the dream experts to bring you nine surprising facts about dreams.

Speaking of dreams, experts say that whatever your dream is for winning the Powerball lottery may be good for your health.

Dr. Joseph Rock, a psychologist at Cleveland Clinic, said: “Different hormones are released; different neurotransmitters are released in our bodies and we feel better thinking about stuff like that.”

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