Washington State drought. When was the last time it rained

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Washington's geography, especially the Cascade Mountain range, produces two vastly different climates in eastern and western Washington. Western Washington is often greatly influenced by the ocean, and is much wetter and milder than Eastern Washington.

Additional stark differences are produced by the rain shadow effect of the Olympic Mountain range, so that for example Quinault has an annual average precipitation of 137" but in Sequim, only 56 miles away as the crow flies, the annual average precipitation is 16". For much more detailed information view the Climates of the States and Climate of Washington Narrative.

A true statewide average requires accounting for the variation of temperature and precipitation in mountainous and other uninstrumented areas using statistical techniques, as is done with the PRISM dataset from Oregon State University:

Overall Temperature: 48.3 F
Max Temperature: 56.6 F
Min Temperature: 36.6 F
Precipitation: 45.70 inches

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