Hurricane Nate path update please?

The tropical storm is forecast to turn into a category 1 Hurricane Nate over the Gulf of Mexico before smashing into the US Coast this weekend.

Tropical Strom Nate is bearing down on Mexico’s Yucatan peninsula after killing at least 22 people in Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Honduras. The NOAA National Hurricane Center (NHC) puts the eye of the storm on track to hit Louisiana near Near Orleans - the city ravaged by Hurricane Katrina.

The latest tracking map shows that Nate will make first landfall in Louisiana and second landfall in Mississippi near the Alabama border. The core, which contains the probable path of the eye of the storm, shows that Nate could hit anywhere between Louisiana and the Florida Panhandle. Read more at

Here are six things to know about Nate as it impacts Central America and tracks toward the Gulf of Mexico shared by

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