Of all the hurricane names,was there ever one named SUSAN? If so, when,where how much damage?

Yes. According to Central Pacific Hurricane Center, on October 21 SUSAN became one of the three most intense hurricanes on record in the Central North Pacific. Maximum sustained winds of 120 knots equaled those attained by CELESTE in August 1972.

With the demise of MIRIAM, the Honolulu forecast staff thought that possibly the Central North Pacific season was over. But on October 18 a suspicious area on the ITCZ southeast of Hawaii rapidly developed into a full-fledged tropical storm. This was the capricious SUSAN, the last storm of the season. SUSAN developed tropical storm strength at precisely the same location were BUD, the first storm of the season, had died (10N, 145W).

The 120-knot winds of SUSAN and CELESTE may have been exceeded in Central North Pacific history by the 150-knot winds of typhoon/hurricane PATSY in 1959 which were also estimated by aircraft reconnaissance. However, the minimum sea level pressure of 960 mb (28.35") which accompanied one of PATSY's 150-knot reports certainly casts doubt on the validity of that wind speed estimate. The second 150-knot PATSY estimate did not give a measured sea level pressure. Sea level pressures measured or estimated during maximum winds of SUSAN and CELESTE were at or near 943 mb (27.85").

The NICKEL ran into 50-knot northeasterlies on the 23rd more than 400 miles northeast of the eye. At that time SUSAN posed a very real threat to the Hawaiian Islands. After moving 220 miles southeast of the Big Island, SUSAN turned sharply to the southwest and disintegrated very rapidly. Once again the Islands were spared! The pressure rose more than 50 mb in 24 hours with the onset of strong upper wind shear'.

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Thursday, August 31 2017
Source: http://www.prh.noaa.gov/cphc/summaries/1978.php