Which type of bullet is recommended for rifles with a tubular magazine

Rounded Soft Point rifle bullets are recommended for tubular magazines.

Common Types of Rifle Bullets:

Pointed Soft Point: High velocity, accurate bullets with a flat travel path (trajectory); excellent mushrooming

Rounded Soft Point: Popular for low-velocity calibers; recommended for tubular magazines

Protected Tip: Highly accurate with excellent expansion

Full Metal Jacket: Maximum penetration without mushrooming; these bullets are illegal for big game hunting in most states

Common Types of Handgun Bullets:

Roundnose Lead: Good penetration, little expansion

Full Metal Jacket: High penetration, no expansion

Semi-Wad Cutter: Balances penetration and expansion

Hollowpoint: Designed for high expansion on impact

Wad Cutter: Flat-ended, used for target shooting; creates clean hole in paper

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Hunter's Tip! In tubular magazines, the bullet tip of one cartridge rests directly on the primer of the cartridge immediately ahead. For this reason, use only rounded or blunt tips in tubular magazines.