How much is a paul revere gold coin from 1975 worth?

The Paul Revere gold is primarily worth its bullion content. We found a 1975 Paul Revere American Revolution Bicentennial Medal in holder available at eBay for $15.99.

See eBay for price comparison.

Proof sets and uncirculated sets are popular ways of collecting U.S coinage. According to an article of Los Angels Time, since the middle 1950s, these sets have been produced in large quantities, which attests to their popularity.

As a result, they are, by and large, not investment-quality coins, at least not at this point. Still, many people want complete dates of these sets, so they continue to buy the new issues and occasionally fill in the earlier dates, which go back to 1936 and can be quite expensive.

These are sets to own and enjoy. You can appreciate their beauty and, quite possibly, eventually realize a profit if you can bear to part with them. If you're interested in investment-quality coins, you'll have to seek earlier dates and lower mintages, as a rule.

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