When is the sportsmen exchange in osage iow

Below are the dates for Iowa's Sportsman's Exchange.

May 13-14

September 9-10

October 14-15

To check on when the next dates are for the Iowa Sportsman's exchange in Osage Iowa, visit the following Facebook pages:

Iowa Sportsman's Exchange - Osage Iowa

Sportsman's Exchange - Osage(Devonia) Iowa

Eight miles south of Osage, in a field where the town of Devonia once stood, is a happening event known as Sportsman’s Exchange.

It occurs three times a year, in May, September and October, and draws hundreds of people from Iowa, Minnesota and as far away as Arkansas.

Most folks know it as a “hillbilly auction.”

Learn more about Iowa's Sportsman's Exchange at Globegazette.com.

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Monday, October 02 2017
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