Whats the correct way to spell lagerious?

The closest possible word (that sounds pretty much the same) is luxurious (ləg-ˈzhu̇r-ē-əs).

Definition of luxurious

characterized by opulence, sumptuousness, or rich abundance :of, relating to, or marked by luxury

pleasure loving :fond of luxury or self-indulgence

of the finest and richest kind


c. 1300, "lascivious, lecherous, unchaste," from Old French luxurios "lustful, lascivious" (Modern French luxurieux), from Latin luxuriosus "immoderate, excessive; voluptuous; profuse," from luxuria "excess, profusion; extravagant living" (see luxury). Meaning "given to luxury, voluptuous" (of persons) is from c. 1600. Of things, "characterized by luxury," from 1640s. Related: Luxuriously; luxuriousness.

Synonyms of luxurious

Babylonian, deluxe, lavish, Lucullan (also Lucullian), luxe, luxuriant, luxury, opulent, palace, palatial, plush, plushy, silken, sumptuous

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Tuesday, October 17 2017
Source: https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/luxurious

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