What is ''hell hound'' in latin?

The Latin word for hellhound is "furia". It means frenzy but in poetry/myth it also refers to the "Furies," a hellhound.

Hellhounds, or devil dogs, are supernatural animals found throughout ancient mythology, folklore, and fiction. People have reported sightings and attacks throughout history. Witnesses describe them as having black fur, glowing eyes, supernatural strength and/or speed, large teeth, long claws, as well as smelling of brimstone.

Devil dogs are said to guard the entrance to the Underworld and the grounds of graveyards, they also hunt lost souls or protect a supernatural treasure. In European folklore, seeing a hellhound or hearing it howl is seen as a bad omen or the cause of death.

Hellhounds appear in the mythology and folklore of many cultures and have many names including the three-headed Cerberus in Greek mythology, the jackal-headed Anubis in Egyptian mythology, Garmr in Norse mythology, Perro Negro in Latin America, and Black Shuck in England.

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