What r two examples of symbiosis found among cnidarians

Two examples of symbiosis found among cnidarians are "sea anemoes" and "coral".

Clown-fish live among sea anemones. The anemones stinging tentacles protect the clown-fish from predators and the clown fish drives away the other fish that tried to feed on the anemone.

Algae live inside corals. The coral supply algae nutrients and algae supply corals oxygen.

Symbiosis is a relationship between two or more organisms that live closely together. To be successful, a symbiotic relationship requires a great deal of balance. Even parasitism, where one partner is harmed, is balanced so that the host lives long enough to allow the parasite to spread and reproduce.

These delicate relationships are the product of long years of co-evolution. Bacteria were the first living things on the planet, and all of Earth's other creatures have been living and evolving with them for hundreds of millions of years. Today, microbes are essential for many organisms' basic functions, including nourishment, reproduction, and protection.

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