What is the significance of a pouka shell in the dreadlocks?

Shells in dreadlocks are actually cowrie shells, not puka shells.Some wear them as a way to pay homage to their African heritage.

Throughout Africa, and South and North America, the cowrie symbolized the power of destiny and prosperity. Spiritually, according to African legend, if you are attracted to cowrie shells you could be family to an ocean spirit of wealth and earth. It also represents Goddess protection which is very powerful and connected with the strength of the ocean.

Whether used in jewelry, or in crafts, or in any other use you can imagine, these shells are sure to add an exotic feel of Africa and make an excellent, one of a kind, fashion statement.

Here's how to put cowrie shells on dreads shared by Leaf.tv.

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Thursday, August 10 2017
Source: http://africaimports.com/cowrieshell.asp