Is Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp for mobile already out?

Animal Crossing’s first mobile game, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, will launch in late November, Nintendo announced. Pre-registration for the game is available on both iOS and Android now.

In Pocket Camp, players manage their own campsite. They can personalize and build up both their character and their campsite, which they decorate with a variety of buildings and furniture.

Furniture can be crafted through collectibles. This system works by visiting nearby “recreation sites,” doing favors for the animal inhabitants and collecting rewards. After that, players head on over to alpaca blacksmith Cyrus with their new crafting materials to create furniture.

Different animals have different furniture preferences, so creating and decorating the campsite with their ideal pieces will entice them to come visit the campsite and increase players’ “friendship level” with them. That’s a new feature for the series, and players can now keep an eye on how much an animal likes them. Check out more about about the game at Polygon.