How can my sim buy fireworks in sims 3 seasons

Fireworks can be bought at the concession stand or grocery store during Summer. You can purchase a firework for 1 ticket.

There are a few ways Sims can earn Festival Prize Tickets, which can be spent at the concession stand at the festival (open 8am-9pm).

Soccer Shootout - 25 for winning, 5 for the loser. 10 each for a draw. Soccer is a hidden skill and Sims who get good at this will have no trouble earning tickets by beating out the competition.

Hot Dog Eating Contest - You'll win a week's worth of hot dogs which could spoil in your inventory, but also pick up 25 tickets for your Sim. There is a 5 ticket participation prize. Contests take an hour to complete, and the next contest begins 2 hours after the previous has finished.

Skating - Skate on the skating rink and your Sim will earn 5 tickets. This is a hidden skill, and Sims will grow better at skating over time.

Water Balloon Fights - Use the pair of walls you'll see on the festival lot to do this, and the winner will receive 25 tickets, the loser 5. Another hidden skill and potential ticket generator.

Get Face Painted - 5 tickets for doing this, costing $50 but is a means of infinite tickets if you have the Simoleons.

There are a couple cheap kid-friendly types in Snakes and Sparklers, while older Sims can use bottle rockets and large fireworks.

The Facemelter and Golden Dragon count as large fireworks. If you have three of them on hand you can have the Sim use the Perform Fireworks Extravaganza action, which will launch three of these randomly and give all observing Sims a +10 moodlet for 16 hours.

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Wednesday, September 20 2017