How much does a 2007 cadilac escalade ext weigh?

The 2007 Cadillac Escalade EXT has a curb weight of 5,838 lbs. Its gross vehicle weight rating is 7,200 lbs, while its max payload is 1,362 lbs.

Cadillac's original Escalade EXT arrived late in 2002 and the ESV sport utility vehicle came along the following year. While the ESV is derived from the long-wheelbase Chevrolet Suburban, the EXT is Cadillac's take on Chevy's innovative Avalanche truck, which quickly converts from a closed SUV to a surprisingly capable pickup via a removable midgate divider system that extends the usable bed into the rear-seat area. The 2007 EXT boasts a new chassis, body, interior and powertrain, and a generous allotment of new convenience and safety features.

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