How long is a 06 honda civic in feet

What we found is that a 2006 Honda Civic (Si 2dr Coupe, EX 2dr Coupe, Si 2dr Coupe w/Navi) is 174.8 in. (14.56 ft) in length, 68.9 in. (5.74 ft) in width, and 53.5 in. (4.46 ft) in height.

The 2006 Honda Civic models have more power, improved ride and handling, and better people packaging compared to the four-door Civic in recent years. There are more choices as well: a sporty new Civic Si coupe, a fully populated tier of coupes and sedans with new engines and transmissions, and a more efficient and effective Hybrid sedan. Find out more at

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Thursday, September 28 2017