How many quarts of oil does a 3.5 liter 2006 Chevy Colorado need?

According to 2006 Chevrolet Colorado Owner’s manual, the engine oil with filter capacity is:

3.5 L Engine: 6.0 qt (5.7 L)

Engine Oil to use:

Look for two things:

GM6094M: Your vehicle’s engine requires oil meeting GM Standard GM6094M. You should look for and use only an oil that meets GM Standard GM6094M.
SAE 5W-30: is best for your vehicle.

You should look for this information on the oil container, and use only those oils that are identified as meeting GM Standard GM6094M and have the starburst symbol on the front of the oil container. GM Goodwrench® oil meets all the requirements for your vehicle.

If you are in an area of extreme cold, where the temperature falls below −20°F (−29°C), it is recommended that you use either an SAE 5W-30 synthetic oil or an SAE 0W-30 oil. Both will provide easier cold starting and better protection for your engine at extremely low temperatures.

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