Does suddenlink offer extensions on Ur bill if u cant pay it

Suddelink doesn't say whether they offer a grace period on their bill.

What we found is that customers who do not make a payment on or before the due date, may receive a late payment/delinquent notice. Customers who do not pay in a timely manner are subject to a late fee and/or interruption of service.

Customers who are severely late may receive notice of possible disconnection. If an account is not paid in full service may be subject to disconnection.

If you cannot make your payment, it is best to talk to customer service to see if they can do anything to help you. They do not seem to have any programs to assist people who are having trouble making their payments on time

For general, billing or technical support please call them on 877-794-2724.

If you have trouble keeping track of the bills that come in, or are getting hit by late fees, there are steps you can take. Here are some ways to better manage your bills from

Friday, September 01 2017