Do weeping willow trees have ticks

According to an expert, ticks do not sit in willows. They sit on grasses or short plants and jump off on potential meals. It could be a blue willow beetle or half-a -dozen other things.

As per, tiny bugs that appear on a weeping willow includes:


These tiny, soft-bodied insects can range in color from nearly clear to shiny and black, and some have wings. Aphids feed directly on the juices inside the tree's leaves.


These are tiny, flying insects that resemble cicadas, but measure no more than 1/5 inch long. They vary in color, appearing in yellows, greens, browns and blacks -- some species change color as they mature.

Lace Bugs

These insects have intricate black and clear patterns covering their bodies and tiny clear cells make these 1/8-inch-long insects appear to be covered in lace. Nymphs are shield-shaped and range from clear and black to solid black in color.

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Ticks carry and transmit dangerous diseases, like Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain spotted fever.

Your risk of being bitten by an infected tick is highest in the spring and summer. This means it is crucial to know where you can expect to encounter ticks, how to protect yourself from tick bites, and how to control ticks in your yard.

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Tuesday, July 25 2017