Why did they kill off C.D. On Walker Texas Ranger? Did he quit or did he get fired from the cast?

Noble Willingham (C. D. Parker in 'Walker, Texas Ranger') left Walker, Texas Ranger (1993-99) to stand as the Republican candidate for the First Congressional District of Texas in the 2000 elections for the US House of Representatives but was defeated by the sitting Democratic Party candidate.

C.D. Parker is an, aging, former Texas Ranger and was Walker partner while on the force. He is also the owner and founder of his own bar/restaurant "C.D.'s Bar & Grill," and it is usually the place where Walker and his friends go to hang out, eat, visit C.D., or celebrate after a tough case has been solved. It is also famous for the chili he serves there. C.D. sometimes either has a fit or get annoyed over little things. He also gets very excited when something good happens that feels like the chance of a lifetime to him.

C.D. is often seen wearing a cowboy hat, cowboy boots, a blue shirt, and a black vest. He sometimes wears glasses. He has white hair and a mustache. It’s unknown whether C.D. is officially retired or semi-retired from the Texas Ranger. He claims he is semi-retired and he gives Walker and Trivette backup whenever they need help tracking down the bad guys. His weapon of choice is a 12 gauge double-barrel shotgun.

C.D. last appearance was in season 8, episode "A Matter of Faith." In the final season, it is mentioned that C.D. is on a fishing trip and he has bad cold. Walker gets a phone call that C.D. has died of a heart attack. In the series’ final episode, a bad guy reveals to Walker that he killed C.D. with brucine, a poison that makes the victim death look like a heart attack.

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