Who was the actors real name who played the jigsaw in the first saw movie?-*I<3MyBabyGirl*

Tobin Bell was the actor who played the character Jijsaw in the first "Saw" movie.

John Kramer, known as 'The Jigsaw Killer' or simply 'Jigsaw' was an ordinary toy factory worker which his wife broke up with him due the cause of his fright of commitment, after this he was diagnosed with cancer and tried to commit suicide twice and survived it, then he understood that he wanted to test the missing part of the human puzzle, the survival instict.

He began slowly to make deadly looking ironic devices to test the victims love of life, his first test subject failed there test, but one survived, Amanda Young. His devices where evolving from simple but deadly looking devices to more complicated devices with gears, clocks and would force the victims of them to operate a key out of the eye of them. Then the traps as them are reffered to changed radically, from being ironic and thinked for the vitms that where in almost the same position as the trap itself evovled to be more powerfull and not thinked about what sort of life the vitctim had lived before the abduction.

In movie buzz, the 'Saw' series returns after seven years with a sequel that delivers the gross-out goods, in a garishly rote been-there-dismembered-that way. Check out the new ‘Jigsaw’ film review at Variety.

Friday, October 27 2017
Source: http://www.imdb.com/character/ch0002593/bio

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