Who is worth more larry flynt or heffner

Larry Flynt has a networth of $500 Million, while Hugh Hefner's reported networth was only $45 million. Laffy Flynt worth more.

Larry Flynt was born November 1, 1942. He is most famous for being the owner and founder of the adult media empire Larry Flynt Publications (LFP) which is perhaps most famous for publishing 'Hustler' magazine.

As reported recently by Fortune, when Hugh Hefner died in the Playboy Mansion on Wednesday, September 27, 2017, the legendary magazine founder had a surprisingly low net worth, with little to his name besides that roof over his head.

As fans mourned the loss of the 91-year-old cultural icon while others were critical of his exploits, speculation began almost immediately over who would inherit the magnate’s remaining fortune, with several publications estimating Hefner’s net worth at upwards of $45 million. A thorough review of financial records and agreements, however, reveals a less glamorous truth: Hugh Hefner was worth relatively little at his death.

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