Who is in 1st place in the MLB National League.

Currently, Washington (East), Chicago Cubs (Central) and LA Dodgers (West) are leading the National League.

Washington now has 95 W and 62 L, followed by Miami with 74 W and 83 L.

Chicago Cubs has 88 W and 69 L, followed by Milwaukee with 83 W and 74 L.

LA Dodgers now has 101 W and 57 L, followed by Arizona with 91 W and 67 L.

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Of interest, National League 2018 season will start earlier than any in the D.C. history of the Nationals, and begins with a three-game series in Cincinnati, followed by a three-game series in Atlanta.

The Nationals’ home opener will come on April 5 against the New York Mets, their most hostile division rival, after a season in which that rivalry fizzled somewhat due to the Mets’ injury-induced struggles. Find out more at The Washington Post.

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Wednesday, September 27 2017
Source: http://mlb.mlb.com/mlb/standings/index.jsp