Who are john Gottis grandchildren

Mafia chieftain John Gotti and his wife, Victoria DiGiorgio had 15 grandchildren from their five children: Angela ("Angel"), Victoria ("Vicky"), John Angelo ("Junior"), Frank and Peter.

Here's what we found about their children:

Angel married Dominic Forca and the names of their children are Frankie and Vickie.
Vicky who married Carmine Agnello (divorced in 2001) had 4 children; Carmine, John, Frankie and a daughter named Justine.
Junior married Kim Albanese whom he had 6 children (4 boys and 2 girls). We only found five names: Frank, Nicolette, John, Peter and Charles.
Frank Gotti who was born in 1969 died at a young age in March of 1980.
Peter married Tricia and they have 3 children: John, Frankie and Peter Jr.

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