Describe one period of single-party d0mination.

The Civil War is one period of the single party domination. This is a period of time when uprising occurs because a single party within government has total control within a unified country or region.

Other periods of single party domination, is the Era of Republicans and Democrats.

The Era of Republicans (1860 - 1932) were supported by farmers, laborers, and African Americans for nearly 75 years. The Democratic Party only managed to put four democratic candidates in the White House. The Democratic era returned in 1932 to 1968.

A dominant-party system, or one-party dominant system, is a system where there is "a category of parties / political organizations that have successively won election victories and whose future defeat cannot be envisaged or is unlikely for the foreseeable future."

A wide range of parties have been cited as being dominant at one time or another, including the Kuomintang in the Republic of China (Taiwan), the African National Congress in South Africa, and the Indian National Congress in India. Such dominance has not always been a matter of concern, with for example the dominance of the Indian National Congress being seen by some as source of stability supportive of the consolidation of democracy.

Opponents of the "dominant party" system or theory argue that it views the meaning of democracy as given, and that it assumes that only a particular conception of representative democracy (in which different parties alternate frequently in power) is valid. One author argues that "the dominant party 'system' is deeply flawed as a mode of analysis and lacks explanatory capacity. But it is also a very conservative approach to politics. Its fundamental political assumptions are restricted to one form of democracy, electoral politics and hostile to popular politics.

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