Where is a 24 hour open mcdonalds near boardman Ohio?

Here are McDonalds open 24 hours near Boardman, Ohio:

North Lima McDonald's (4.51mi):

Address: 10920 Market St, North Lima, OH, 44452
Telephone: 330-549-9275

Pilot McDonald's (9.11mi):

Address: 1150 N. Canfield-Niles Rd., Youngstown, OH, 44512
Telephone: 330-544-5132

Hubbard McDonald's (11.72mi):

Address: 2400 North Main Street, Hubbard, OH, 44425
Telephone: 330-534-9176

In latest buzz, think McDonald's and you most likely picture two all-beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions, on a sesame seed bun, not pieces of North Atlantic lobster.

In fact, the idea of ordering lobster at McDonald's sounds a bit like getting gas station sushi, or purchasing your champagne at 7-11. Despite the seeming incongruity, the fast-food chain brought back its lobster roll for the first time in a decade last summer and is returning it to its menu in 600 locations throughout New England and the Albany, New York, area starting June 20. Read more at Motley Fool‎.

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Tuesday, June 21 2016
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