Where can I purchase solar eclipse glasses in las Vegas Nevada

As per Ktnv.com, many libraries and eye doctor offices have been handing out officially approved glasses free of charge, but some of them report they are running out.

You might be able to purchase official glasses for less than $5 at:

• Some grocery stores

• Walmart

• Home Depot

• Lowe's

• Toys R Us

• Amazon (but see caution about third-party vendors)

These stores are selling official ISO approved glasses. However, they are selling out fast, and may no longer be in stock in the coming days. You may wish to call your local store first.

Experts are urging Americans watching the Aug. 21 total solar eclipse to buy smart when purchasing the necessary protective eyewear.

With counterfeit eclipse glasses hitting the market, NASA and the American Astronomical Society (AAS) suggest that consumers purchase off their long list of verified products to ensure safe viewing. Find out how to avoid buying counterfeit solar eclipse glasses at ABC News.

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