Whats the world record for the longest time someone peed?

While Guinness World Records, doesn't have a record for the world's longest pee, Good Housekeeping compiled these 14 Random Facts About Pee, which number 14 says "The World Record for the longest pee is 508 seconds (almost 8.5 minutes)".

Most of us don't give much thought to our pee before we flush it out of sight. But the basic details of your urine -- color, smell, and how often you go -- can give you a hint about what’s going on inside your body. Learn The Truth About Urine at WebMD.

Everyone urinates, but not everyone has a good understanding of what urine is or how the body’s urinary system works. People are often unaware of certain basic facts about urine like its correct color or if there is pee on the moon. Here are a 10 interesting facts about urine shared by PositiveMed.

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