What is the climax of the story Pinocchio?

The climax of the story Pinocchio, is when Pinocchio is trying to escape from the thieves.

In 1940, Walt Disney released a classic film, Pinocchio, a remake of the movie was out in 2009.

The story begins when Gepetto, a woodcarver, builds a magnificent puppet, Pinocchio to be his substitute son. His wish that his puppet would come to life is unexpectedly granted by a fairy. Pinocchio must earn the right to be a real boy by proving that he is truthful, unselfish and brave. But, even with the help of Jiminy, a cricket who the fairy assigns to be Pinocchio's conscience, he always failed the test and most of the film is spent with Pinocchio deep in trouble.

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Wednesday, October 18 2017
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