What's the closest beach to auburn university

The closest beaches to Auburn University would be the Panama City Beach/Destin area.

Located right near Destin about 45 minutes to an hour away, Panama City also referred to as PCB is another popular spot for college students to go. People come from both southern and northern schools. Hundreds of students scour the beaches and you can find plenty of concerts and entertainment for a little wilder kind of spring break. The beaches in Panama City are much more crowded and you can find much more fist-pumping here rather than the more fratty scene in Destin.

Leading by a long shot, Destin, Florida is one of the most popular beaches for Auburn students to go. Not only is it only about three and a half hours away, it has gorgeous beaches, and an infamous party beach outside of the Whale’s Tail beachside restaurant. Hundreds of students flock here, posting up in their sorority tanks and standing by their university or fraternity flags. You can find mostly freshman and sophomores here but juniors love going back too because you’re sure to know plenty of familiar faces.

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