Whatever happen to the real kid ray from the movie Lean on me

Little is known about what the actor who played Kid Ray does at this time & did after the movie. His name's Alex Romaguera and he hasn't been in any more movies since he played Kid Ray.

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Alex Romaguera attended Weehawken High School in Weehawken, New Jersey. While at school, he auditioned and was accepted to a Dramatic Arts program patterned after the prestigious NYC "Fame" school in the town of North Bergen. His works include a recurring role in the daytime soap-opera "As The World Turns" and a featured role with Morgan Freeman in the motion picture "Lean On Me (1989)" where he portrayed "Kid Ray".

Lean on Me is a classic in the black community. In 1988, the world was introduced to the troubled Eastside High in Passaic County New Jersey. The cameras went through the troubled halls of the high school that ran rampant with violence, drugs, and disrespectful youths. Joe Clark/Crazy Joe/Bat Man stepped onto the scene, and though he initially came off as cantankerous, there was a method to his madness and he was able to help the students pass the minimum basic skills test.

Now, we all know that there are some powerhouses in this movie: Morgan Freeman, Robert Guillaume, Regina Taylor, Beverly Todd and Michael Beach, but what about the youths that were the driving force in the movie? Check out where are they now, brought to you by Madamenoire.com.

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Tuesday, November 22 2016
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