What will the secret JFK Files reveal about the death of Kennedy?

The JFK Files have more than 3,100 documents -- comprising hundreds of thousands of pages -- that have never been seen by the public. About 30,000 documents were released previously with redactions.

Some of the documents are related to Oswald's mysterious six-day trip to Mexico City right before the assassination, scholars say. Oswald said he was visiting the Cuban and Soviet Union embassies there to get visas, but much about his time there remains unknown.

The to-be-released documents contain details about the arrangements the U.S. entered into with the Mexican government that allowed it to have close surveillance of those and other embassies, Judge John Tunheim of Minnesota said.

Other files scholars hope will be released in full include an internal CIA document on its Mexico City station, and a report on Oswald's trip from staffers of the House committee that investigated the assassination.

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