What were the names of the two space shuttles in the movie Armageddon?

"Freedom" and "Independence", classified as X-71s, are the two shuttles in the movie Armageddon (1998).

These top-secret military space shuttles featured filmIn the film launch from Cape Canaveral to transport drilling teams to the "Texas-sized" asteroid that is on an intercept course with Earth.

Larger and longer than conventional Space Shuttles, and carrying top-mounted solid-rocket boosters (SRBs), the X-71s are capable of flying beyond Earth's gravity well and into deep space.

Transcript of the film that mentions Freedom and Independence:

Do we have any intelligent questions before we get started?

- What's an X-71?

- You're the first civilians to ever see her.

We call 'em the X-71s.

lt's a top secret joint venture with the Air Force.

She and her sister ship at Vandenberg are leaving tomorrow for launch prep in Florida...but l thought you oughta take a look.

The two shuttles going up are the Freedom and the lndependence.

Her titanium alloy impenetrable skin covers the toughest, meanest...most sophisticated space vehicle

man has ever made.

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Wednesday, October 04 2017
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