What time can you buy alcohol in indiana

According to IN.gov, the legal hours for the dispensing of alcoholic beverages from Sunday through Saturday are 7:00AM to 3:00AM.

Retailer permittees may allow the consumption of alcoholic beverages for a period of thirty minutes after the legal dispensing hours only if the alcoholic beverages to be consumed were purchased and received by the consumer before the applicable times (see above hours) to stop the dispensing of alcoholic beverages. After this thirty minute period, all containers that have previously had alcoholic beverages in them must be cleared from the tables, counters, bars, etc.

Indiana law requires permittees and their employees to check identification of any person under the age of 40 when conducting carryout sales. While there is no similar ID requirement law for on-premise consumption, the Excise Police encourage requiring identification from anyone appearing under 26 years of age when making sales for on-premise consumption.

Acceptable forms of identification are picture ID's, including but not limited to, a driver's license, state-issued ID card, US Government identification. Note: If you still question the age of the person you should refuse to serve them.

Minors (those under 21 years of age) need to know that, in accordance with Indiana Code 7.1-5-7-7, it is illegal to knowingly:

Possess alcohol

Consume alcohol

Transport alcohol on a public highway when not accompanied by at least one of his/her parents or guardians.

To learn more about alcohol laws in Indiana, visit IN.gov.

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Tuesday, July 19 2016
Source: http://www.in.gov/atc/isep/2384.htm