What rock band has a white lead singer with dreads

Brian Fair of the band Shadows Fall is most known for his dreadlocks that have been known to be a large part of his stage show. He is now the vocalist of band "Hell Night".

In an interview with NataliezWorld, Fair was asked how long did it take for him to get his hair that way, he answered:

"The last hair cut was 1993 it was really short then but it's been about 19 years or so, and I don't do anything to keep it going, just grow out in its own way. I just wash it and let it do its thing. But it does get in the way like car doors, rolling over it with office chairs if I'm in an office, just normal things that most wouldn't need to worry about haha."

Jonathan Davis, lead singer of the metal band Korn, also has heavy dreadlocks.

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