What movie features the song " pulling mussels (from the shell)" by squeeze

"Pulling Mussels (From the Shell)" has not been featured in a movie. The song appeared on the following shows:

Late Night with Jimmy Fallon - Episode #2.102 (2010)

Top of the Pops - Episode dated 15 May 1980 (1980)

The famous piano part of this song was performed by Jools Holland, who was an original member of Squeeze. Holland would later tour with his own rhythm and blues orchestra, and went on to host the UK music program Later with Jools Holland.

According to Squeeze lyricist Chris Difford, this song was inspired by a vacation (or as he says, "holiday") that his parents sent him on to Margate, which is a seaside resort in Kent, England.

Difford wrote this in the style of Small Faces, which he describes as "An English band that wrote very English lyrics." A breakdown of some of the lyrics:

Camber Sands - a resort in Camber, England.

Harold Robbins - an American author whose books include Never Love A Stranger and Where Love Has Gone.

William Tell - an expert marksman who, according to legend, shot an arrow off his son's head with a crossbow.

Maid Marian - Robin Hood's girlfriend.

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Tuesday, August 15 2017
Source: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm2093959/#soundtrack