What is the nada blue book value on a 1981 Z28 Camaro?

Prices vary by condition. 1981 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 2 Door Sport Coupe values are as follows:

Low Retail (mechanically function condition): $4,900
Average Retail (good condition): $9,350
High Retail (excellent condition): $17,900

Z28 is the most famous Chevrolet RPO (regular production option) code ever. No other option code has become so synonymous with high performance. Other option codes have been used for well-known packages such as Z22 (Rally Sport) and Z27 (Super Sport), but the option names/descriptions became famous, not the RPO number.

RPO Z28 is known as the Special Performance Package, but no one uses that name. RPO Z28 was in effect from 1967 through 1974. There were no Z28s in 1975 and 1976. When the Z28 returned in 1977 it was as its own model, not an option package. The change to a separate model reinforced the power of the Z28 name.

The Z28 is back. With a powerful 505 horsepower V8 engine and sculpted aerodynamic body, the reinvented 2015 Camaro Z28 is the ultimate track car.

Build your own track car with the 2015 Camaro Z28: select options to suit your needs. Every element of Z28 is designed with track dominance in mind.

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