What is the highest amount a CU Anytime machine will let you withdraw? LIV_W/O_RGRTS

Sources suggest that you may withdraw up to a maximum of $405.00 in any one (1) day, if there are sufficient funds in your account.

CU Anytime®, LLC is a Credit Union Service Organization (CUSO) formed to provide an ATM network for the convenience of the participating Credit Unions and their members. Initially started by six Credit Unions in 1997 with 50 ATMs, CU Anytime® now has 23 participating Credit Unions and over 220 ATMs throughout New Mexico, El Paso TX, and Livermore CA.

CU Anytime® does not have the ability to access to member account information. If you have a transaction related question, including ATM transaction issues, please contact your Credit Union directly.

ATMs are a great convenience, but they can compromise your safety. A robber looking for easy prey only has to stake out an ATM in a low-traffic, dimly lit area and bide his time.

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