What is the fuel to oil ratio for a 1977 Puch Maxi Moped?

What we found is that all MAXI engines must be run with a gas/oil mixture (regular gas). The recommended mixing ratio is 50:1 when using special MAXI Mix two stroke moped oil.

If another oil is used please refer to the fuel mixing chart. Do not use unleaded gasoline.


50:1 Oil Mixing Table

• To 5 gallons gasoline add 12 fl. oz. (379 cc) oil

• To 1 gallon gasoline add 2.4 fl. oz. (76 cc) oil

• To 1 quart gasoline add .6 fl. oz. (19 cc) oil

To reduce carbon build-up within the engine and exhaust system, they strongly recommend the use of the special 2 stroke MAXI Mix oil, 50:1 ratio.

However as an emergency measure, a regular 2 stroke oil can be mixed in a 25:1 ratio as shown below.

25:1 Mixing Table (Regular Two Stroke Oil)

• To 5 gallons of gasoline add 24 fl. oz. (757 cc) oil

• To 1 gallon of gasoline add 4,8 fl. oz. (151 cc) oil

• To 1 quart of gasoline add 1,2 fl. oz. (38 cc) oil

For further details, check out this PUCH MAXI Owner's Manual.

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