what is the farthest country from the united states

FurthestCity, a nifty little that lets you know the farthest city from wherever you’re currently located, will help us answer this question.

Let's begin with Kansas, as the geographic center of the United States (contiguous 48) is calculated to be just about two miles northwest of Lebanon (a city in Smith County, Kansas).

And, according to FurthestCity, if you live in Kansas, farthest area is Perth, Australia (17,162 km), followed by Vacoas - Phoenix, Mauritius (16,633 km).

Farthest point from Washington (DC) is Perth, Australia (18,620 km), followed by Adelaide, Australia (16,839 km) and then Yogyakarta, Indonesia (16,481 km).

If you're in Los Angeles (CA), escape to Saint-Paul (La Réunion), France (18,429 km) and then to Vacoas - Phoenix, Mauritius (18,425 km).

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