What is the best time to watch Orionid meteor shower 2017?

Keep your eyes to the sky this weekend: You'll be able to see one of the year's best space shows — the peak of the Orionid meteor shower.

"The Orionids are popular among stargazers because all of its individual shooting stars are fragments of the most famous comet of all time, Halley's Comet," Slooh astronomer Bob Berman said.

The shower should be visible both Friday and Saturday nights, and the best viewing will be between midnight and dawn.

Though the meteors will emanate from the eastern horizon, they will streak across the entire sky and will be visible from anywhere on Earth, according to NASA. By dawn, they should be high in the Southern sky, Sky and Telescope said. Read more at USA TODAY.

Where can you see the Orionid meteor shower in the USA? Visit Express.co.uk to find out.

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