What is the average life span for a Red Healer dog??

According to Dogster.com, a healthy Red Heeler can live as long as 15 years. Common health issues may include eye problems, hip dysplasia and deafness.

By crossing native Dingoes with Collies and other herding dogs, Australian George Elliott developed the Red Heeler, a.k.a. Australian Cattle Dog, in 1840. Ranchers were impressed with the breed’s toughness and work ethic, and they quickly became popular as cattle herders. Red Heelers continue to be popular with ranchers and cattlemen, not to mention regular pet owners.

Australian Cattle Dogs can survive under both cool and temperate climatic condition. They were bred especially for the sometimes harsh environment of the Australian outback. They can live in a secure shelter outdoors, but they also do well inside the house with the family. Ample physical and mental exercise, perhaps long sessions of walking or jogging, or specially designed agility exercises, such as Frisbee or course runs, will help the Heller to stay fit and to spend its excess energy. Grooming is easy enough, with the occasional combing and brushing to encourage hair turnover, along with weekly baths.

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