What is Chris Smooves net worth?

YouTube commentator Chris Smoove has an estimated net worth of $2 million.

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Have you ever tried to watch a video on Youtube but before it plays you need to watch a commercial? That's called a pre-roll. Every 1000 times a pre-roll advertisement is shown, YouTube gets paid some amount of money. The amount can vary but typically YouTube is paid between $20 and $25 for every thousand ad views.

When a YouTube channel has enough followers, the owner of the account can apply to become a member of their Partner Program. YouTube Partners earn a cut of the CPM earned off the videos in their channel. YouTube takes 45% of whatever the partner channel earns. The CPM price can vary quite a bit, but typically a YouTube Partner ends up earning a roughly $5-7 CPM. That means, for every 1000 times an advertisement is shown on their channel, the Partner could earn $7 (and Youtube would take the remaining ($18).

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Monday, September 26 2016
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