What is a dish from Finland?

Finns are passionate about their food and they know how to celebrate it. Finns are also fiercely loyal to their culinary roots.

Although you can buy just about anything your heart desires in Finland these days, go native when you are here and you will be in for a treat. In Finland, market stalls everywhere overflow with seasonal produce and local delicacies. Festivals mark the arrival of favourite foods throughout the year.

Finns even name pastries after their poets! Here is a list of ten iconic foods that you SHOULD try – go on, don’t be shy:

Silli ja uudet perunat

To learn more about these Finnish foods visit Visitfinland.com.

In Finland buzz, a man stabbed eight people Friday in Finland's western city of Turku, killing two of them, before police shot him in the thigh and detained him, police said. Authorities were looking for more potential suspects in the attack.

A suspect — a man whose identity was not known — was being treated in the city's main hospital but was in police custody. Security was being stepped up across the Nordic country, Interior Minister Paula Risikko told reporters at a news conference. Read more at TIME.

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